April 9th, 2020

Two dreams from Melissa Harrison:

(You may choose to post your dreams publicly or anonymously at this blog by commenting below or sending a direct message @newworlddreams twitter account)

In a completely new world I had been left to look after a little boy who was sleeping. Children were very precious and I had him in my house. i was cradling him as he slept. The house was empty and I needed to gather up his things ready for when they came to take him back and I had his things ready.

A friend brought in a kite the boy had had from outside and he was talking about the kite and how it works and how to fold it up and I was shushing him, saying ‘Please talk more quietly, please don’t wake him up.’ It was hard for my friend to talk quietly and I looked out of the window and there was a bare, ploughed field, and in the middle of the field there was something, I think it was a dish of water? or a mirror? and as I looked a black animal like a large dog or a deer, long legs, graceful, walked towards it. It was the blackest creature I’d ever seen, like a cut out or a hole, no three-dimensionality to it at all.

It was slender and slim and it touched its nose to the thing in the field, and then it looked up, startled, as a deer will, and bounded straight towards me and leaped in through the window, right into the room, it was terrifying, it was unearthly, it was crouching in the room and I lunged for it, I was worried about the little boy, but it leaped to another place in the room, and then another, like a grasshopper will when you try and put your hand on it, it was just gone and then it was somewhere else, and then it was out of the room, it was gone, and it was just me there with my heart banging and the little boy still asleep, and I wondered how I would ever explain it to anyone and I wondered what I had seen, this brief visitation in an empty house in an empty field, and the little boy’s kite that he had left behind. It felt very strange, very intense.

And then, later the same night, I dreamed that I was telling you this dream, Martha. We were in New York, in the back of a car, and I was relating it to you. And then that dream changed into something vague and a bit silly about Sex And The City. And then I was in a packed British cathedral for a church service and there was nowhere to sit, and there were so many people, all together. I had to cram in on a wobbly chair at the end of a pew, and I didn’t know anyone and I was late. And then I heard a noise behind me and a man had been sick, and his vomit, which was pale and milky and not that disgusting, like when a baby spits up, had splashed on the woman next to me’s coat, and possibly on the back of mine.

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