April 1 2020

Had a dream that I woke up with my eyes glued shut, think crusted over with gunk like you have just had the pink eye. I somehow make my way to my job (not my actual work place but where dream me worked). It’s a tall glass building in the city. As I’m entering the building I get texts and calls from my co workers telling me that I am not suppose to be at work. They ask me what I am doing there since no one is in the office. I tell them that I need to get my eyes fixed. I finally get inside to the top floor and meet a doctor who pours cold liquid on my eyes allowing them to finally open. This whole time, unable to see I have just been feeling around to make it to the building. That’s it, that’s the dream I got my eyes fixed and went home. It was very vivid. I had a slight moment of panic where I thought I was going to wake up that morning with my eyes glued shut. I told my therapist and she said I should a)stop reading twitter before bed and b) think about how I at least I got my eyes open in the end.

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